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" Our Family History speaks:"
A committee composed of Mrs. Gladys Wade Dove, Mr. Thomas Moy and Mrs. Willie Fairfax conducted extensive research as far back as the 1700s. They believed that, “In order for one to set goals and know where he is going, he must first know his roots and from whence he came.” We proudly remember that committee for sharing this heritage.
In the words of Mrs. Gladys Wade Dove, “God looked over the curtain of time and picked up four seeds. He then dropped them down to this planet earth. They rooted and grew into one of the biggest trees in the forest. A tree is just a tree until it becomes a family tree. Oh, if they could see, what we can see, you and me, in this family tree, in the story that is told and the memories that its holds.” Our family tree started from an Alford, Wade, Moy, and Johnson.
How it started...
One day a handsome bluebird, Abraham Wade flew from the Wade tree nest over into the Johnson paradise and fell in love with an angel, Rose Lee Moy Johnson, daughter of Herbert and Alice Moy Johnson. They were united in holy wedlock in 1897. The following 14 children were added as branches to their tree:
Manella Wade
Narcissus Wade
Willie Wade
Della Wade
Gertrude Wade
Larkin Wade
Alexander Wade
Emeal Wade
Alvania Wade
James Wade
Minnie B. Wade
Gladys G. Wade
Joseph Wade
Mary Lee Wade
These are the roots and foundation of this family tree. 
Rosie Lee Johnson’s side of the family:
Maternal Great Grandfather, Moses Moy
First and Great Grandmother, Sara Moy
They were blessed with several sons and daughters: Moses Moy, Jr.; William Moy; Pigeon Moy; Mariah Moy Lewis; Priscilla Moy Tellis; 
 Lucy Moy Wade; and Alice Moy Johnson.
Great Grandfather, Charles Johnson, Sr.
   Great Grandmother, Caroline Johnson
Grandfather Herbert Johnson joined in holy wedlock to Grandmother Alice Moy and gave her his name Johnson. 

They were blessed with ten children, seven daughters and three sons named:

Ida Johnson; Eddie Johnson; Lucy Johnson; Della Johnson; Lillie Johnson; Alice Johnson; Bessie Johnson, Titus Johnson; Ganes Johnson; and Rosie Lee Johnson Wade.
From this, one rich spot of soil also came these branches. Abraham Wade’s families:
Great Grandfather, Alex Wade
Great Grandmother, Harriet Alford Wade
These two sweet souls were blessed with two sons, Abraham Wade and Alex Wade II.
The number two son Alex II married Louisa and joined her in the Wade family. 

To this couple five children were born: Abraham II (Gladys Wade Dove’s father), and Archie Wade. Two daughters and a son died at an early age. Archie Wade married Winnie Robinson and gave her the name Wade. They were blessed with one daughter, Henrietta Wade Butler.
Abe Wade, Sr. was blessed with three children, two sons, Burt and Alex Wade III; and one daughter, Malenda Wade Smith.

Malenda Wade Smith was blessed with three sons and three daughters: Sammy Smith, Willis Smith, Abraham Smith, Icey Jane Smith Carter, Roshenna Smith Tellis, and Kacille Smith Perkins.
Alex Wade III married Nancy Summer and they lived in Walls Lake, Louisiana located in Ouachita Parish, near the city of Monroe. To this union three girls and two boys, Hattie, Mills, Laura, Silvey and Enoch were born.
Hattie the oldest and Mills the youngest child died at an early age. Silvey, Enoch and Laura lived to become grand parents. Nancy their mother died after the death of Hattie and prior to the death of Mills.
Following the death of Nancy, Alex Wade III. married Lucy Bledsoe. To this union eight boys and four girls, Lemley, Eula, Naomi, A.M., Cleveland, Bread, Guy, Crosby, Sallie, Sylvia, Frank P., and Booker T the youngest were born.
Sylvia Wade Married Elburton Moy Sr. To this union one girl, Margarite, and six boys, Victor, Elburton Jr., Pernell, Melvin, Zollie and Thomas were born. 
Margarite married George Benton. To this union one boy, George (Uncle Junior) was born.
Burt had one daughter, named Bessie Wade.
Our African Connection
You know where you were born.
But do you know where you are from?
Our roots are the foundation of our family tree.  Until now, however, the injustices of slavery have robbed the tree of many of its most important branches, leaving major voids with respect to our African History.  In 2008 as part of the reunion in Detroit, we started down the road to discover our African Lineage.
The PatriClan test studies the Y chromosome DNA that only the males possess. This segment of DNA is transmitted identically from father to son for hundreds of generations, thereby establishing a paternal record. That fact can then be used to provide a critical historical ancestral record. We realized, armed with this info, we could now discover one part of our ancestral origin in Africa!
Alex Wade Jr. kindly agreed to take the PatriClan test for the Wade side of the family. Thanks to Alex, we now know that we share paternal genetic ancestry with the present day Balanta (“those who resist”) people in Guinea-Bissau. 
We have only scratched the surface about our African Ancestry this year in Detroit; if you want more information about Guinea-Bissau, you can visit this website:
The company, African Ancestry, who I contacted to conduct this research, also offers the maternal test. They provide an on-line community, where you can connect with others who have traced their ancestry back to the same parts of Africa. Plus, they provide African resources to find additional information about our country of origin, including books, musicians, and more.  Go to website:  
   I pray to God that this information will bless you as it has me.
                    Dianne Dove Houghton